Cold Winter Nights Hunt Preview

The Cold Winter Nights Hunt is a winter themed hunt with high quality items spanning from fashion and accessories, to decor and furniture!  All gifts will be exclusive to the hunt for the duration, then may be released for general sale.  All gifts in this hunt are valued from $250L – $1000L, and will be just $10L each.  Look for the poster shown below, the blue snowflake is the actual hunt object you will be looking for.

I’ve been very much looking forward to this hunt because of the focus on high quality items.  As a preview, I’m showing a trio (display) of delicately frosted mirrors from Wayward Muse.  These are just gorgeous!  I love the simplicity of the overall look, but when you look close you see the amazing detailed frost etching on each mirror.


Cold Winter Nights Hunt – January 15th through February 15th
Check here for general information, hints, and photos!

Wayward Muse – Frosted Mirrors, CWNH Gift  *Thank you for the awesome blogger gift!


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