Sneaky Peaky!

Pssst!  I have some goodies from the Cold Winter Nights Hunt to show you.  The hunt doesn’t start til the 15th, but I can hook you up with some pics to get you ready for some serious hunting.

Quick, I will open the front door to this lovely home from Designer Prims.  This pic is looking down the hallway from the entrance and yes the pictures on the wall come with.  The walls are not pink.  It is just the light I used in the pic!

Designer Prims 1

At the end of the hallway it opens up into one huge room with a fireplace, bookcase and these fabulous windows!  As with all of Elle’s homes, you have texture change options for making the home your own.  In this house you can change the floors, fireplace, accent wood and bricks with the touch of a button.

Designer Prims 2

The telescope, laptop and table are from Hanaya and it is called Star Party.  There are even some animations so you can star gaze whenever you get the urge.


The mirrors in the pic are from Wayward Muse and I now have these leaning in my home too.  The chair, cabinet and birds are from The Strawberry Box.  The bookcase in the background is included with the house.

The Strawberry Box and Wayward Muse

Now remember, don’t tell that I showed you.  Sssshhhhhh!


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