2 Days to Cold Winter Nights Hunt

Just 2 more days to go!  I’m showing another preview — this time a lovely and elegant marine blue cottage by RighTone Productions.  I’d never heard of Tone before I received this preview gift, and I was pleasantly surprised by the well thought out design and attention to realistic detailing.  It’s a small home with a large main living area, a bed & bathroom, as well as a small entry.  I love the small built in gazebo style patio and the long deep porches.  What an awesome gift!


Inside you can see how elegantly the main room is textured, with a deep rich red and warm hardwood floors.  The floorplan is unexpected … a bonus in my book!  This single picture hardly shows all the details, it’s just a teaser!  The lovely working piano is from Lisp Bazaar, see my previous post for more information about this gorgeous work of art!


Cold Winter Nights  Hunt – January 15th through February  15th.  A GoofNutz  event.

General information, hints, and  photos!

Furnishing &  Props:

RighTone Productions Candlewood Cottage (CWNH gift!)   *Thank you for the awesome blogger gift!

Lisp Bazaar –  Grand Piano (Brights) Open with sits & Piano Seat for 1 or 2 (shown  in White), plus props including flowers, candle & petals, sheet music,  frames


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