Light My Fire

The Cold Winters Night Hunt starts tomorrow! I’m excited about this little hunt. It’s focus is on the coldness and simply life of winter nights. Since it’s January and freezing in most places of the world, the visions of roaring fires and hot chocolate seem to sit pretty on the mind. (Even I am covered in a nice warm blanket while typing this out, hot coffee perched near my side.)

One of my favorite things about hunts is that it flames my furniture addiction, and this hunt is nothing short of furniture for those enthusiasts. Items from POST, [Wayward Muse], The Strawberry Box and many others are gracing this hunt, along with many more creators across the grid. You’ll be able to find everything you need!

For more information regarding this hunt and where to start, please check out the Cold Winters Night Hunt blog and have a look around. You’ll find other posts too about the hunt and make sure you subscribe to the blog and to the Flickr Group to post your pictures!

Check below to what is coming up! Happy Hunting!

CWNH - Post

Sweater: LMD – Fae Sweater – Sky (s) / Leri Miles *Cold Winter Nights Hunt*
Jeans: {mon tissu} Denim – Lou Lou – Used 1 / Elie Spot & Anouk Spot
Boots: [N] Calf Hight Moccasins – Black / Lost Therian
Scarf: [AUX] Winter Scarf – Blue (s) / Tyr Rozenblum
Skin: – Glam Affair – Amberley – America 01 Red / Aida Ewing
Hair: [Elikatira] Control – Red 05 / Elikapeka Tiramisu
Props: POST: Hammars Stuga – Winter v1 / Van Auster *Cold Winters Night Hunt*
[Wayward Muse] Frosted Mirrors / Nidalia Resident *Cold Winters Night Hunt*
{what next} Bric-a-Brac Hanging Decor / Winter Thorn
{vespertine} Sorting Shelf – Bleached / Amelie Knelstrom
{what next} Chocolatier Drinks Tray / Winter Thorn
{what next} Bric-aBrack Table Candelabra / Winter Thorn
Scarlet Creative – Holiday Cushion / Charlotte Bartlett
{apple fall} Let’s Play Scrabble / Apple Fall
:Cheeky Pea: Forest Teacup Clock / Isla Gealach
The Strawberry Box – Classic Blue Chair / Jiovi Michigan *Cold Winters Night Hunt*
The Strawberry Box – Winter Tall Cabinet / Jiovi Michigan *Cold Winters Night Hunt*


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