Cold Winter Nights.. Lets Fish




Todays Blog item is the Grump Old Man Fishing Shack!

HUNT ITEM! Only a few days left to get this incredible hunt item so hurry up to Prism and get your shack quick!

130 Prims PACKED with Animations!

█▒░ What you can find (& use) in your new:  Prism Furniture – Grumy Old Man Fishing Shack  ░▒█

▧▪ Beds :
–  Fully animated (single poses)

▧▪ Bench :
– Fully animated (sit poses)

▪ Door :
– Open/Close
– Security
– Greeting

▪ Fireplace :
– Possibility to light it On/Off

▪ Ladder :
–  Fully  Animation  Outside Ladder

▪ Lantern :
– Possibility to turn On/Off the candle inside

▪ Stove :
– Open/Close its door
– Light On/Off the fire inside
– Possibility to turn the smoke of the chimney On/Off

Take LM to Prims HERE!!

Last few days left of the Cold Winters Nights Hunt!

Origional Post at The Daily Bubble


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