About Us

The Story

GoofNutz originally started out as a joke between Synjari and Lilly. Born of a need for a shared brand for a shared plot of land to put their shops on. Eventually drifting away to separate store locations, the brand name was largely left alone. After having been through the wringer a few times, both ladies have discussed various topics about events and hunts they have been in. It started with Lilly wanting to run her own hunt with high quality involved designers, regardless of how new or old their shop was. In the past, due to a lack of products, Senzafine was denied a few times to take part in bigger hunts or events. Because of this, its a point we feel strongly about. Inclusion of small but talented designers is one of the things we want to continue holding true to. We are all about assisting and nurturing talented designers who can’t seem to get the exposure they are looking for or are missing that one puzzle piece that takes their work from good to fantabulous!

Lilly’s efforts, in the success of the hunt, did not go unnoticed and in discussions with other Second Lifers, she eventually got asked to assist with 2 major fundraisers this year. The SL Buddy Walk and Creations for Parkinson’s Charity Expo are events to look forward to and they are both for causes that are not usually seen at large within the SL community. Our hope is to create more exposure and awareness for both of these wonderful causes and make their efforts towards raising donations for each of their respective associated foundations. Look forward to these and other hosted events within the coming months!

The Mastermind

Lilly Juno – Founder, Creator of Immerse
Lilly is the face and driving force of the company. She is the wheeler and dealer who gets us what we need and she does it so well! Be it information or donated items, Lilly has proven that she is up for the task of networking to make sure it happens. She can run with a thought or idea and build on top of it, zooming past everyone in a whirlwind of building and textures flying about! At the same time, she tries to give all a bit of her time for questions and responses. You probably will be hard-pressed to find someone as genuine about their intents as Lilly is which is why she feels so strongly about these causes she agrees to help organize.

Volunteer Staff

Please remember to thank these ladies when you can for the time they are able to put towards helping us with the extra bits that we can’t find time to get to!

Sileny Ceawlin – Blog Coordinator

Arya Braveheart – Blog Coordinator

Synjari Myriam – Webinatrix, Creator of Senzafine,
Synjari is the brains behind any and all things tech as well as editing any writing that Lilly comes up with for the events. She’s often been told she is extremely organized, but she can be quite the opposite! Synjari is relatively fluent in Lilly-speak, so if you don’t quite understand something, ask her! While being a bit of a hermit, you may not see her out and about in interviews the way Lilly is, but she is more than happy to give everyone a moment of her time and an ear should they have any questions that need answers. Just be patient with her random AFKs!


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