Play Time!

So many things that I have made most notes below.  Just a few to pay extra attention to is the Buddy Walk Charity event…please…please make the point of visiting and donating so many wonderful items and great cause.

The Pose Fair opened at noon today….many of SL’s greatest pose & animation creators bring you new and exclusive items.

Event Mix1
Sang Style – Aubrey Denim Ruffles Dress S *BUDDY WALK-ENDS MAR 31*
[Just love this cute ruffled dress! The best thing about it….the proceeds from this dress go to charity 🙂 The Buddy Walk ends March 31]
Maxi Gossamer – Earrings Ritzy Shimmer Pearls E1 *LIMITED BAZAAR*
[already sold out :/ they may be available in the main store after this rotation]
Fashionably Dead – Cat Necklace Blue *COLLABOR88*
Truth – Crys Espresso *FAMESHED*
[not sure if this rotation is still open but should be available at main store if not]
Gos – Lolita Espadrilles Colour Collection *THE BOUTIQUE*
[color change with options to change sections of shoe]

*POSE FAIR* [IT’S OPEN! Have also added LM to Pose Fair logo to the right]
{what next} – Bramley Bicycle Pose Prop Ladies
[Bramley Bicycle Pose Prop for Ladies – available in two versions, one with just 6 female single poses and one with 6 singles+ 3 couples poses.  Also available for men is the Kensington Bicycle one with male poses and same option for couples.  Both have color change options.]
fri.home – monkey bars
[6 single & 2 couple poses, 4 color change options]

{what next} Adventure Playground Swingset – Rustic Red
[available in pine & rustic woods and each include variations of natural wood, green and red accents on the frame & seats. One to six avatars can use and each swing is scripted for a single avatar or a couple.]


At Home

At home on a Sunday with some great new items….

CIRCA– Roots Sky Loft Tan & Dark Wood *GROUP GIFT*
[a wonderful gift…it’s large with a skylight, trellis of vines & really nice textures]
What Next – Drawer Shelves *LAZY SUNDAY*
[3 sets available for today’s sale & all are shown in bottom 2 pics]
What Next –  Eggies *THE NEST EASTER EGG HUNT* 
[These are super cute…eggs with personality! 6 little eggies available]
What Next – Cornwall Daisies Planter green [newish…from a past Lazy Sunday but is still available. Set of 4 colors. shown in bottom right pic]

Bottom Left
Cleo Design – rocking comfort
[set includes rocker & lamp]
Cleo Design – cozy armchair
[set includes chair, ottoman & table with hot chocolate and plate of cookies]
Senzafine – Modus Accent Chair
Bottom Right
Wayward Muse – Wicker Chair & Ottoman Buddy Walk Edition

Other credits:
LISP – Spring Words Rug
LISP – Sunshine Side Table
Scarlet Apple My Chevron Scrunchy Rug Dark *THE ARCADE*
MudHoney – Teacup Pendant Lamp Rare [from a gatcha fair years ago]

The Buddy Walk Charity Fair

The SL Buddy Walk was created to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day in Second Life.  Many of your favorite SL entertainers and store brands will be taking part to promote and raise money for Down Syndrome awareness. For complete information please visit the SL Buddy Walk site!

The Buddy Walk fair will run March 17-30.  All donations collected from this event are given directly to the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS). They will be used for supporting the NDSS education, research and advocacy efforts on behalf of individuals with Down Syndrome in the United States.

BuddyWalk1+Handverk+Skin Fair

Minimal editing on headshot so you can see how gorgeous it is :))
Skin Fair 3 Essences

SAKIDE – Blush Dress White/P *BUDDY WALK*
-LM will be added to the graphic in column to right on March 17-
[also available in black/pink]
HANDverk – Flamingo Clutch Watermelon  *L’ACCESSOIRES*
[new round of L’accessoires started and just love this quirky clutch that has a flamingo head as the handle.  Available in 12 colors and includes left & right hand attachments]
Maxi Gossamer – Necklace Sparkly Rocker Group Gems *FAMESHED*
[includes 6 single strands & 4 combinations. color change with 9 jewel colors]
Essences – Clover 03 Sunkissed Brunette *SKIN FAIR*
Essences – Eyelashes 01 *SKIN FAIR*
[Clover is available in 5 makeups & 4 skintones. lso sold separately additional eyeshadows, lashes (tattoo layer), full eyebrow removal & Lolas skin applier]
Boom – Nature’s Crown so pink mix Rare *THE ARCADE*

Other credits:
Truth – Virginie Espresso
Izzie’s – Classic Nails
Poetic Colors – classic gen4 driftwood
Glitterati – Pose 051

Cold Winter Nights Hunt Roundup


Haste – Flared Tube Top Winter Trees
EarthStones – Winter Frost Anklet Aquamarine/Blue Topaz
DIGS – Vesta Fireplace & Rug Cream
Little House of Curios – Vintage Reading Nook
[includes chair, rug, side table & accessories and star wall decoration]
Trompe Loeil – Shelf with Framed Imagine Quote

RighTone – Cottage
[several window options & doors lock/unlock]
HanayaMesh – Star Party CWN Hunt Gift
[includes telescope, laptop & table. Has animations for 3 avs]
Cleo Designs – Cold Winter Nights Hunt
[Sofa is texture change by touch, has total 30 single/friends animations & props.  Includes sofas, table, rug, magazine rack, candles, frames, mirror and fruit plate]

Apple Fall – Aquarius Hot Tub
[includes single & couple poses]

MG – Bracelet – Sedona Valley Gypsy Small 1 *FAMESHED*
[includes 2 styles of earrings and bracelets]
Blueberry – Lounge Mesh Sweatpants White
[available in 7 colors]
Truth – Hollana Espresso *COLLABOR88*

Other Credits:
Amorous – Heilig Choker
Maitreya Gold – Bare Foot Tip-Toe
Belleza – Ava Sk 1
LISP – Mesh Carmen Drapes Narrow Plinth Olive
LISP – Mesh – Anna Prints Set
LISP – Tree Seat Baa&Chirp

Winter’s Glow

Sakide – Dream Gown White *SAKIDE @ Creations for Parkinson* [Sakide is participating in the Fox Hunt at Creations For Parkinsons…a sim dedicated to help the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  The hunt item includes 2 mesh gowns in white & pink.  Also, all the stores are giving 50% of their profit to the foundation so check out the shops and spend…spend…spend!  The hunt ends Jan 31.]

Stars! Cold Winter Night Earring & Necklace Set [pretty pearls with snowflakes & light blue gems]
Zinnias –  Crystal Cave CWN Hunt Gift [has sitting animation by the fire]

Other credits *please see store slurl page*
Amacci Hair – Paz White
Glam Affair – Amberly Petal edition Clean BL
Repulse – Living Dead Blind
Gloves are from another outfit no longer available.

Shades of Winter


Vespertine – Frostwoods Skybox [includes 2 skyboxes (dark & bright) and moon lamp]
The Strawberry Box – Winter Furniture Set [includes: chair, cabinet and bird sculpture]

Bilo – Elysium DB/Freckle Skin [includes: 3 brow colors, with and without freckles]
SYSY’s – Mesh Aquariustop Teal [available in 9 colors]
Exposeur – When You’re Smiling 2 M [5 poses w/ mirrors]

Other credits: *please see store slurl page above*
TuttiFrutti – Ombre Skinny Mesh Jeans Atlantis *Newish* [I keep blogging the various colors there are so many fun color combinations]
Elikatira – Sound Brown 09 *New*
Toki Doki – summer nights cardigan Medium grey
Poetic Colors – Classic Gen4 Driftwood [in a past post I mentioned these eyes are the latest of the classic collection.  I finally got around to a close up….I think I’m going to keep these as my main eye color…just love the brown and grey together]
Maitreya Gold – Bare Foot Tip-Toe