Precious Vicious

Just about one week left on the BuddyWalk Charity Fair for Down Syndrome, so now would be a great time to check out this fantastic awareness event, and all the designer Exclusives before it’s gone. All the proceeds from the BuddyWalk Fair go to NDSS {National Down Syndrome Society}, and if you’d like to get more information about the BuddyWalk event happening in SL, you can check out this wonderful and informative website Here. Lets all do our part in spreading awareness about Down Syndrome and the BuddyWalk Charity Fair by grabbing a group of friends, and heading on down to the BuddyWalk Sim today!


Wicker Chair & Ottoman {BuddyWalk Exclusives} by: Wayward Muse


Bear Skin Rug w/Poses {BuddyWalk Exclusive} by: Midgard Creations


Maritime Daybed w/Poses {BuddyWalk Exclusive} by: Prime


Lilitha Dress (Blue) {BuddyWalk Exclusive} by: Adoness

Stylish Queen Heels (Black} {BuddyWalk Exclusive by: BSD Design Studio

All Poses…

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Precious Vicious

The BuddyWalk Charity Fair to spread the word and awareness about Down Syndrome is still jumpin, and it’s the happin place to be with so many special events going on there! Lots of fantastic entertainment, fun, and designers bringing you items that support this wonderful cause. All proceeds of the event go to NDSS, the National Down Syndrome Society. That’s 100%! So head on down to the BuddyWalk Charity Fair, and check out this wonderful event!


Rocking Comfort Chair & Lamp by: Cleo Design {Exclusive for BuddyWalk Charity Fair}


{Bite Me Vinyl Set} Pink Fusion Hunt Prize by: Sassy! {Hunts goes until April 20th}

Shown w/ Pristine Pumps {Pink} by: Tonic {BuddyWalk Charity Fair Exclusive}


Elizabeth II Pink Tourmaline Jewelry set by: Designs by Sebastian {Exclusive to Buddywalk Charity Fair}

Hair by: Miss C. ~ Ayla {Brown}

Nails by: Candy Nail ~ Hailstone Peach

Bracelets by:

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SL BuddyWalk Starts in 2 days!

Second Life’s BuddyWalk 2013 Fair & Hunt for Down Syndrome will start in 2 days. March 17th!

Please show your support of this event by coming out to the fair for the music festival, special events, and the hunt. You can find more information about the music festival schedule, fair events and awareness information here: SL BuddyWalk.

Lets get the word out about this years BuddyWalk  for Down Syndrome and spread the seeds of awareness by telling as many people as you can about this amazing event in SL. With your Courage, Strength, Faith, & Hope we can reach more people across the Grid.

Please remember that all donations, and purchases made at the BuddyWalk Event go to (NDSS) National Down Syndrome Society.


BuddyWalk Poses Created by: Image Essentials Props & Poses ~ TYSM!