Buddy Walk: Exhibitors & Sponsors



Buddy Walk East

  1. Amacci by Carina Larsen
  2. Amarelo Manga by Luana Barzane
  3. Demise of Flight by Nikki Wildmist
  4. Designs by Sebastian by Sebastian Dionysus
  5. faboo by Grizel Halberstadt
  6. Haste by Auston Harbour
  7. Image Essentials by Kay Weston
  8. Immerse by Lilly Juno
  9. JLB by Josiah Lee Baxter
  10. JLZ Fashion by JL Zinner
  11. Kastle Rock Couture by Spooky Mistwallow
  12. Kaerri by Kaerri Rae
  13. [kerokda] by Lylliana Skytower
  14. Korkle Kreations by shaxakiki
  15. Leri Miles Designs by Leri Miles
  16. minkA by Kortney20 Crystal
  17. Oceane Body Design by Oceane Grumiaux
  18. Quandary by Mireille Benoir
  19. ryuu kou by Nanida
  20. Sang Style by Sangfroid Avedon
  21. Snowpaws by Carrie Snowpaw
  22. Stars! by Stargem Winkler
  23. The Muse Poses by Audrey Cresci
  24. Tonic by Fizz Savira

Buddy Walk West

  1. Adoness by Cruella Pennell
  2. Allure by Athayus Quan
  3. alterego by Toxxic Rhiannyr
  4. BSD Design Studio by BabyChampagne Sass
  5. Citrus by Sejher
  6. CLEO DESIGN by Cleom Bailey
  7. Creations by Fairie by Fairie McCarey
  8. Epic by Jade Winthorpe
  9. FuLo Jewelry by Dita Tran (Display Not Available)
  10. Kaerri by Kaerri Rae
  11. Kennedy’s by Kennedy Gearz
  12. .:Kre-ations:. by Kreao Kujisawa
  13. KR Designs by Kim Rongyu
  14. :{MV}: by Lokii Violet
  15. Midgard Creations by Balder Foehammer
  16. Nola’s Notions by Nola Hellershanks (Display Not Available)
  17. Pink Acid by Stasey Oller
  18. PosESion by Dahriel
  19. Sakide by Kinu Mayako
  20. Senzafine by Synjari Myriam
  21. shine by [ZD] by Cecilia Blachere
  22. Something New by AllysonDwyer
  23. Superjail Emporium by Veronica Dubienski
  24. Val’s Custom Intan Couples Poseballs by Valentino Magnifico
  25. [WM] Wayward Muse by Nidalia
  26. zanze by ZzoieZee

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