About SL Buddy Walk 2013

In the real world the Buddy Walk is a one-mile walk raising awareness and collecting pledges to benefit Down Syndrome. In Second Life it will be a bit different, there will be a path to walk, but the main festivities will be the all day entertainment on the 21st and then a 2-week charity fair. There will be live musicians and live DJs throughout the event. Kiosks will be available throughout the region where donations will be collected and all will go directly to NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society).

Scheduled to appear are: Mankind Tracer, CQ – Colorful Quiet, Maximillion Kleene, The Follow, Edward Kyomoon, Porter Paquot, with more to be added soon.

The region will open March 17th with a charity fair. There are fashion, poses, furniture, skin, hair and jewelry designers that are donating their sales to the walk. Live musicians start at 2:00p slt on March 21.

World Down Syndrome Day was established in 2006 by Down Syndrome International, with the goal of raising awareness and mobilizing support and recognition of the dignity, rights and well-being of people with Down syndrome across the world. March 21, the 21st day of the third month of the year, was chosen to symbolize the third copy of chromosome 21 present in Trisomy 21, the most common form of Down syndrome.

For more information about the walk, to obtain a donation Kiosk or for information about Down syndrome please IM BuddyWalk Frenzy in world or email jl@designbyjl.com.
Read more @ slbuddywalk.org

2013 Committee

Founder/NDSS Liaison: JL Zinner
Organizers: Lilly Juno, Synjari Myriam


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