Quiet Time

In the quiet hours of the early morning, before most of the world around me is awake, I like to think things over.  This morning I’m enjoying my time in a CWNH gift skybox from Vespertine.  This comes in a brighter or darker version, and I’m showing you the darker version.  Also included, but not shown, is a darling crescent moon lamp!  The candlelit fireplace is a CWNH gift from Barnesworth Anubis, and the magazine rack & framed masks are part of a complete furnishing set for CWNH from Cleo Designs.  My tufted chair, side table with lamp & frame, rug & pillows, & artwork (Battleground) are all from Prism Furniture for the 4 Walls Hunt!  What incredible gifts! 

My soft & colorful mesh arm warmers are a CWNH gift from Razorblade Jacket.  My mesh skinny jeans are a new release from NS — they are a great fit with a nicely rounded shape!  My plain black mesh tee is from Corvus.  Although you can’t see the detail in the photo, the knit texture is really nice!  My hair with a built in color changing hat is from Ploom


Cold Winter  Nights Hunt – January 15th – February  15th, a GoofNutz  event.

4 Walls Hunt – January 17 – 31st

General information, hints, and  photos!


Vespertine – Frostwoods Skybox Darker (CWNH  gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome blogger gift!

Barnesworth Anubis– Oak Fireplace with Candles (CWNH  gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Cleo Design – Framed Masks & Newspaper Rack (from Complete Living Room Set) (CWNH  gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Prism Furniture – Immerse Yourself Set(4Walls gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!



Shape: my own (Not for  sale.)

Skin: Gala – Airhead, Sundust Dark Pure  1

Eyes: L.  Fauna Skins– CHAI Eyes, Allure Brown  3

Eyelashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes,  Mysteria

Hair: Ploom – Lauren Mesh Hair, Browns


Top: Corvus –  Black Mesh Tee  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Bottoms: NS – Blue Jeans Mesh  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Armwarmers: Razorblade Jacket – Mesh Armwarmers (CWNH  gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Shoes: Muism (Now Euphoria) – Troy Mesh Boots Brown (Not sure of current availability.)

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