Shades of Winter


Vespertine – Frostwoods Skybox [includes 2 skyboxes (dark & bright) and moon lamp]
The Strawberry Box – Winter Furniture Set [includes: chair, cabinet and bird sculpture]

Bilo – Elysium DB/Freckle Skin [includes: 3 brow colors, with and without freckles]
SYSY’s – Mesh Aquariustop Teal [available in 9 colors]
Exposeur – When You’re Smiling 2 M [5 poses w/ mirrors]

Other credits: *please see store slurl page above*
TuttiFrutti – Ombre Skinny Mesh Jeans Atlantis *Newish* [I keep blogging the various colors there are so many fun color combinations]
Elikatira – Sound Brown 09 *New*
Toki Doki – summer nights cardigan Medium grey
Poetic Colors – Classic Gen4 Driftwood [in a past post I mentioned these eyes are the latest of the classic collection.  I finally got around to a close up….I think I’m going to keep these as my main eye color…just love the brown and grey together]
Maitreya Gold – Bare Foot Tip-Toe


Anywhere is better with you

Did you know that there is a pretty awesome hunt that just started? It’s called the Cold Winter Nights Hunt and it’s brought to you by Goofnutz Events (housed under Prism Furniture). This hunt centers around the cold winter nights that make us want to curl up and enjoy the warmth of our fires and beds. What you’re looking for is a little blue snowflake, and for 10L you can get amazing items such as this Fireplace with Candles from [barnesworth anubis] and from Trompe Loeil and gorgeous shelf with framed Imagine Quotes. Make sure to check the Cold Winter Nights Hunt blog and all the designers participating. The hunt goes from January 15th through the 31st and starts off at Prism Furniture! Happy Hunting!

Anywhere is

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Winter Land

Cold Winter Nights Hunt started so this is a little post for now about some of the big quality items you can get during this hunt. The starting location is Prism Furniture, while the list of stores and hints is here.


Cold Winter Nights Hunt Items
[SAKIDE]  Out Of Time Outfit (also with tango appliers) CWNH #26
KaTink     Winter Wonderland Pack2  textures   CWNH #19
Tonic Shoes    CWN pumps   CWNH #39
I’m wearing also…
Skin with elf ears    la petite morte   Wixson fantasy 1100L @ Genre
Hair    Tameless    Charity  
Unicorn     la petite morte   Unicorn pose prop with 5 poses | 100L Genre
Mehs Breast     Lolas     Tango

Cool Winter Breezes

Breezin’ by to tell you that the Winter Cold Nights Hunt begins soon!  So many great items from fashion to homes that you will not want to miss!  The hunt runs Jan 15-Feb 15.

CWNH2 Sakide
CWNH3 Post
CWNH2 Post2 v2
SAKIDE – Out of Time Outfit [includes white lace cardigan, tango appliers, mesh skirt and pearl brooch. OK I have to admit I bought Lola’s Tangos but couldn’t bring myself to wear lol]
POST – Hammars Stuga Winter v1[Didn’t have time to decorate but its such a wonderful little cottage.  Fire turns on/off & door opens/closes by touch]

Other Credits *please see store slurl pages*
Mandala – Milky Way Bangle G & H White
Glow Studio – Sparkling Feather Earrings White/Silver
LeLutka – Pocahontas Hair AlmostGoth
Belleza – Ava Sk 2
Heart Gardens – Trees & Rocks
Zigana – Winter Grass

Cold Winter Nights Hunt — Stars!, Style by Kira, and KaTink

I promised you a sneak peek at some of the items you will find during the Cold Winters Night Hunt, and I have three items to show you which will thrill the hunter inside you!

The first prize I want to show you is the exquisite jewelry set from Stars!  Everyone will fall in love with this stunning set adorned with shimmering snowflakes, elegant pearls, gorgeous blue diamonds, and radiant gold accents.  I think you will agree, this creation is a beautiful example of the high quality designs you will see while visiting Stars!

The lovely winter inspired skin shown in the photo is one of the hunt prizes from Style by Kira!  You’ll be excited to hear there are several Elena skins in the hunt prize!  Each of the Elena skins in the prize are exclusive to the hunt, and you are sure to love them all!  While you are hunting, be sure to check out the Elena skins display to complete your collection!


The last prize I want to show you is the enchanting background package from KaTink Poses and More!  The prize consists of ten winter backgrounds for your decorating and photography pleasure!  During your visit, be sure to check out the other fantastic backgrounds, poses, and photography props at KaTink!


I’ll be showing you more fabulous items from the Cold Winters Night Hunt, so check back often!

Happy hunting!

Jewelry:  Stars!  — Cold Winter Nights Hunt prize
Skin:  Style by Kira — Cold Winter Nights Hunt prize (Elena ~ Windy Snow opt. 2)
Background:  KaTink — Cold Winter Nights Hunt prize (Winter Land Pack 2 ~ #12 used in top photo)
Dress:  Redgrave —  Lola Sequin Dress
Shape:  Style by Kira — Elena
Hair:  Tameless Hair — Estelle
Pose:  Glitterati — 82

Light My Fire

The Cold Winters Night Hunt starts tomorrow! I’m excited about this little hunt. It’s focus is on the coldness and simply life of winter nights. Since it’s January and freezing in most places of the world, the visions of roaring fires and hot chocolate seem to sit pretty on the mind. (Even I am covered in a nice warm blanket while typing this out, hot coffee perched near my side.)

One of my favorite things about hunts is that it flames my furniture addiction, and this hunt is nothing short of furniture for those enthusiasts. Items from POST, [Wayward Muse], The Strawberry Box and many others are gracing this hunt, along with many more creators across the grid. You’ll be able to find everything you need!

For more information regarding this hunt and where to start, please check out the Cold Winters Night Hunt blog and have a look around. You’ll find other posts too about the hunt and make sure you subscribe to the blog and to the Flickr Group to post your pictures!

Check below to what is coming up! Happy Hunting!

CWNH - Post

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The Comfort of Home



Designer Prims – Little Getaway Skybox [copy/mod – has entry with assortment of framed art, controls to change textures for walls, floors, windows…exterior is white with some brick on the front (blogger would not let me upload pics of the exterior). I really like it…many options and great size for a hunt gift.  I did mod the fireplace..tinted to match the furniture and the fire is from something else]
Wayward Muse – Frosted Mirrors [these have a really pretty snowflake & frosty texture…love the shabby look to them]

Essences – Caprice Dark 03 [includes 3 skins with dark, ginger & light brows 3 light & 3 middle blushes]
Essences – Blush: Contour Middle Peach [included with skin]
Lassitude & Ennui – Capricornus Mesh Horns Light Copper [available in 8 dark and 8 light colors]
Sysy’s – Capridress Red [available in 5 colors]
Virtual/Insanity – Mesh Square Nails KAA [includes color change hud-pattern on nails are similar to scales]
Little House of Curios – The Goat Furniture Set [includes chair, end table & lamp]

MG – Necklace – Erzulie’s Love Charm Long Gold [includes gold & silver metals and long & short versions]
MG – Necklace Filigree Oval Short Gold [color change to touch-6 bead/gem colors. I’ve only used the short part of the necklace…the main necklace has an oval gem…will blog complete necklace soon]
Boom – Fearless ankle cuff (v2) L BrwnGlaze [set includes wrist & ankle cuffs]

Exile – I Will Wait Pecan

Other credits: *please see slurl page*
LISP – Mesh Anna Prints Set
LISP – Anna Wood Basket Dark
LISP – Gatcha Floor Cushions [in-store gatcha-5 different sits]
LISP – D Rocker Country
HANDverk – Brown Floor Fur
MudHoney – Fall Candles
Wayward Muse – Twiggy Vase
Bahia Tiki – Basket of Oranges
iTuTu – flower basket 01 M
iTuTu – flower basket 01 S
Slink – Womens Medium Height Barefeet Rigged