I am fake !

Hey sweeties ! Recently ( 2 months ago ) I started to use photoshop trials, I don`t know what happend cause even tho I used another yahoo account and re-installed the program it kept saying has expired. As an unemployed student I can`t afford to pay for the actual product so I knew I can find a cracked one. The real problem is that I am no hacker … I know so few things about computers as a koala bear. Seriously tho I don`t know what have I done and what buttons I pushed but I have photoshop now. I am genius without knowing :)) … btw did you knew Albert Einstein has failed in first grade at math?


Cae 2

What I am wearing:
Fake Miel – Porcelain Tone – Clean Ginger
Fake Cateye Makeup
Fake Realistic Eyes – Blue Sky
Izzie`s Teeth
Wassabi Pills Valerie 2 – Golden
Meli Imako Rolled Up Sleeves Blazer – Beige
Les Petits Details Top ( part of Debra Dress )
Emery Trouser Lori – Tan ( group gift )
Fanatik Pumps with spikes – Leopard ( group gift )
Cae Timeless Jewelry
Slink Mesh Hands – Casual
Home & Decor
Designer Prims Little Getaway House ( Cold Winter Nights Hunt, 10 L$ )
Wayward Muse Frosted Mirrors ( Cold Winter Nights Hunt, 10 L$ )
Treasure Cove Candles ( gift )
Lisp Bazaar Mesh Tripod Lamb – Red
Trompe Loeil Mendoza Cabinet – White
Soothe Telephone – Black Series ( 55 L$ )
Dutchie Newspaper and open book  ( free )
What Next  Nightstand Reading Glasses


The Comfort of Home



Designer Prims – Little Getaway Skybox [copy/mod – has entry with assortment of framed art, controls to change textures for walls, floors, windows…exterior is white with some brick on the front (blogger would not let me upload pics of the exterior). I really like it…many options and great size for a hunt gift.  I did mod the fireplace..tinted to match the furniture and the fire is from something else]
Wayward Muse – Frosted Mirrors [these have a really pretty snowflake & frosty texture…love the shabby look to them]

Essences – Caprice Dark 03 [includes 3 skins with dark, ginger & light brows 3 light & 3 middle blushes]
Essences – Blush: Contour Middle Peach [included with skin]
Lassitude & Ennui – Capricornus Mesh Horns Light Copper [available in 8 dark and 8 light colors]
Sysy’s – Capridress Red [available in 5 colors]
Virtual/Insanity – Mesh Square Nails KAA [includes color change hud-pattern on nails are similar to scales]
Little House of Curios – The Goat Furniture Set [includes chair, end table & lamp]

MG – Necklace – Erzulie’s Love Charm Long Gold [includes gold & silver metals and long & short versions]
MG – Necklace Filigree Oval Short Gold [color change to touch-6 bead/gem colors. I’ve only used the short part of the necklace…the main necklace has an oval gem…will blog complete necklace soon]
Boom – Fearless ankle cuff (v2) L BrwnGlaze [set includes wrist & ankle cuffs]

Exile – I Will Wait Pecan

Other credits: *please see slurl page*
LISP – Mesh Anna Prints Set
LISP – Anna Wood Basket Dark
LISP – Gatcha Floor Cushions [in-store gatcha-5 different sits]
LISP – D Rocker Country
HANDverk – Brown Floor Fur
MudHoney – Fall Candles
Wayward Muse – Twiggy Vase
Bahia Tiki – Basket of Oranges
iTuTu – flower basket 01 M
iTuTu – flower basket 01 S
Slink – Womens Medium Height Barefeet Rigged