SL BuddyWalk Starts in 2 days!

Second Life’s BuddyWalk 2013 Fair & Hunt for Down Syndrome will start in 2 days. March 17th!

Please show your support of this event by coming out to the fair for the music festival, special events, and the hunt. You can find more information about the music festival schedule, fair events and awareness information here: SL BuddyWalk.

Lets get the word out about this years BuddyWalk  for Down Syndrome and spread the seeds of awareness by telling as many people as you can about this amazing event in SL. With your Courage, Strength, Faith, & Hope we can reach more people across the Grid.

Please remember that all donations, and purchases made at the BuddyWalk Event go to (NDSS) National Down Syndrome Society.


BuddyWalk Poses Created by: Image Essentials Props & Poses ~ TYSM!