Retro Fun

I found this outfit at the SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair and fell in love.  It is so retro-chic.  Even the fabulous teal colour is perfect.  Of course then I had to stage some 50’s pics.  Well, it seemed logical.

Before any good 50’s housewife leaves home it is important to make sure the house is spic and span.  Luckily my husband gave me this super new vacuum cleaner for my birthday so I will have it done in no time!

To go out I am wearing this divine outfit from [Amarelo Manga].  The Antonia Blouse and Pants are so classy that you will be the envy of your neighbours and friends. It pairs nicely with my makeup (skin) which comes from Amacci and gives me a radiant pale look with my Oceane Shape.

These Pristine Pumps in Seafoam are from Tonic. Don’t they look peachy with this outfit?

Retro Fun 2

Now, that the housework is done I can get out and about for a bit of shopping.  I am taking my Hula Hoop Handbag which is also from [Amarelo Manga].  Isn’t it fabulous?  And, of course, every lady needs some beads to finish an outfit, so this jewellery from Stars! is perfect.  I chose the Hera Set in Vineyard which is so stylish!

You also get to enjoy the amazing view from KaTink in their Family 1 set.  Isn’t it lovely?

Retro Fun 1

Well, shopping is over so I better get home and get the ironing done before my husband gets home from work.  It is also time to watch The Guiding Light which is my favourite soap!  A girl can have fun while she works!

Retro Fun 3

Non-Event Items:

Furniture:  {what next} – Sophia Sideboard Set, Retro Television Set, Fleeftone Retro Record Player, Fluff n’ Fold Ironing Set

Rug:  Designer Prims – 14 Rugs in One

Scooter:  FIN – Retro Scooter

Hair:  Ploom – Dusty Beehive – Ash

Glasses:  (epoque) – Catlady Frames – Perennial


Cold Winters Night — Coming to an End

The Cold Winter Nights Hunt is coming to a close, and I want to take a moment to show you a few more of the fantastic prizes that you really don’t want to miss out on nabbing!

The prizes shown below are the lovely winter skin from Ocean Body Design, and the delightfully sexy turtleneck dress with garters and stockings is from Paradisis.  The fetching color change scarf in the photo also includes several winter poses from In~Stance Poses!  Just wear the HUD to change the color and the pose!

Prizes from Ocean Body Design, Paradisis, and In~Stance Poses

Prizes from Ocean Body Design, Paradisis, and In~Stance Poses

The second photo shows the charming furniture prize from The Strawberry Box which includes the beautiful chair with animations, the enchanting winter cabinet, and the adorable mesh birds for decoration!  Of course, the chair with the blanket is very inviting when coming in from the cold!

Prizes from The Strawberry Box

Prizes from The Strawberry Box

The darling top from Haste and the fantastic arm warmers from Razorblade Jacket are two other prizes which should be in your closet!  Believe me, you don’t want to miss out on either of them!

Prize from Haste

Prize from Haste

Prize from Razorblade Jacket

Prize from Razorblade Jacket

Another prize you don’t want to miss out on is the Grumpy Old Man Fishing Cabin from Immerse!  The inside is cozy and inviting with a stove that opens so you can check the fire, a delicious meal in a frying pan, animated bunk beds, and so much more!

Prize from Prism Furniture

Prize from Prism Furniture

To see the other prizes, just visit the Cold Winter Nights page!  You’ll need to hurry!  The Cold Winter Nights Hunt ends on February 15th….which is tomorrow!!

Happy Hunting!

Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Ocean Body Design —  Milla Has A Cold Skin
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Paradisis —  Cold Love
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  In~Stance Poses —  CWNH Mesh Scarf w/ poses
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  The Strawberry Box —  Winter Tall Cabinet, Classic Chair, and Decorative Mesh birds
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Haste — Winter Trees top
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Razorblade Jacket — Snowflake Arm warmers
Cold Winter Nights Hunt Prize:  Immerse— Grump Old Man Fishing Cabin
Boots:  Intrepid — Aussie Ugg (charcoal)
Shoes: — Ballet Flats
Top:  AlterEgo — Lazyness (MM prize)
Jeans:  Razorblade Jacket — Fuel Lowrise w/ belt
Hair:  [e] — Vivid
Nails:  AlterEgo — Juicy Nails
Shape:  Style by Kira — Honey
Pose:  KaTink — Demi

Cold Winter Nights Hunt — Don’t Miss Out!

I have some more goodies for you from the Cold Winter Nights Hunt!  I’m still in awe of the designers for the prizes they have created for this hunt!  They really put their hearts into making fantastic gifts for the hunters!

 If you are feeling a chill, you will adore the darling mesh coat prize from Le Forme!  The prize includes a variety of sizes to help ensure you are able to snuggle comfortably into the warmth.  Also shown in the photo is the lovely Nuiko skin from Amacci!  The skin prize includes the natural skin and a “cold nose” version!

Prizes from Demise of Flight, Amacci, Le Forme, and KaTink

Prizes from Demise of Flight, Amacci, Le Forme, and KaTink

There’s nothing like curling up at home after a hard day of shopping and hunting!  Of course, after you find the items in the photos, curling up at home will be a lot more enjoyable!

Prizes from RighTone and Michigan's Shack

Prizes from RighTone and Michigan’s Shack

You will adore the poses from Demise of Flight!  The poses will make taking photos in, and around, your new home from RighTone a breeze!  Barnsworth AnubisTrompe Loeil, and Little House of Curios made decorating a pleasure by providing the beautiful fireplace with candles, inspirational wall hanging, and the adorable reading nook as prizes!  The reading nook includes the chair with sits, star wall hanging, and the shelf with many charming, decorative items.

Prizes from Barnsworth Anubis, Trompe Loeil, and Demise of Flight

Prizes from Barnsworth Anubis, Trompe Loeil, and Demise of Flight

Prize from Little House of Curios

Prize from Little House of Curios

The swing, created by Michigan’s Shack, is a very impressive prize!  The mesh swing has wonderfully created single, cuddle, and friend animations which can be changed via the menu.  I love that the animations also include expertly created facial expressions!

Prize from Michigan's Shack

Prize from Michigan’s Shack

If you have not started hunting, you still have plenty of time!  The Cold Winter Nights Hunt does not end until February 15th; however, don’t delay too long because you don’t want to miss out on any of the prizes!

Happy Hunting!


Cold Winter Nights Prize:   Le Forme — One Button Coat
Cold Winter Nights Prize:  Amacci — Nuiko
Cold Winter Nights Prize:  Demise of Flight — 3 pose set (two shown)
Cold Winter Nights Prize:  RighTone — Candlewood House
Cold Winter Nights Prize:  Barnsworth Anubis — Oak Fireplace
Cold Winter Nights Prize:  Trompe Loeil — Shelf w/Framed Imagine Quote
Cold Winter Nights Prize:  Little House of Curios — Reading Nook
Cold Winter Nights Prize:  Michigan’s Shack — Hunador Swing
Cold Winter Nights Prize:  KaTink — Winter Land Pack (background)
Shape:  Anna Shapes — Jasmine (model)
Hair:  Truth — Cheyenne (chestnut)
Top:  Punky Chicks — Silk Elegance
Pants: Punky Chicks — Elegance
Shoes:  Redgrave — Audrey
Landscape Items — Kidd Grass

Winter Land

Cold Winter Nights Hunt started so this is a little post for now about some of the big quality items you can get during this hunt. The starting location is Prism Furniture, while the list of stores and hints is here.


Cold Winter Nights Hunt Items
[SAKIDE]  Out Of Time Outfit (also with tango appliers) CWNH #26
KaTink     Winter Wonderland Pack2  textures   CWNH #19
Tonic Shoes    CWN pumps   CWNH #39
I’m wearing also…
Skin with elf ears    la petite morte   Wixson fantasy 1100L @ Genre
Hair    Tameless    Charity  
Unicorn     la petite morte   Unicorn pose prop with 5 poses | 100L Genre
Mehs Breast     Lolas     Tango


It’s cold outside!  I’m dressed in a gorgeous winter coat by Senzafine, a gift in the Cold Winter Nights Hunt.  This is her first venture into clothing, and what a start!  This is beautifully detailed and textured, and a fantastic fit.  The gift is in a lovely shade of teal called Prussian; in the main store you will find many other colors for sale.  I’m also wearing a great pair of texture changing mesh boots from ArisAris, which I find I wear a lot!  My long black pearl necklace is from Stars! —this a great piece to either dress up or down.  My somewhat messy hair is a new mesh release from Exile.

In the background is a CWNH gift from KaTink, 1 in a set of 10 in-world high resolution backgrounds.  The icy bench with a sweet cardinal is for both singles & couples, with 12 animations altogether.  Like all her work, this is beautifully made & detailed — the bench and lamp post are both CWNH gifts from Circa Living.  The snow on the ground and rocks are from a winter landscaping kit by 3D Trees.  I’m using an appropriately wintry pose, one in a set called ‘Freeze’ from aDORKable.


Cold Winter  Nights Hunt – January 15th through February 15th, a GoofNutz  event.

General information, hints, and  photos!

Pose &  Furnishings:

aDORKable–  Freeze 1

Circa  Living – Wintery Night Bench & Light Post (CWNH gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome blogger gift!

KaTink – Winter Wonderland Pack 2 (CWNH gift!)   *Thank you for the awesome blogger  gift!

3D Trees – Winter Landscaping &  Accessories, Groundcover & Stones (Available on the Marketplace.)



Shape: my own (Not for  sale.)

Skin: Gala – Airhead, Sundust Dark Pure  1

Eyes: L.  Fauna Skins– CHAI Eyes, Allure Brown  3

Makeup: MOCK – Winter Rainbow Blush Rushing,  Telorange eShadow, & Lucir LipColor Venom

Eyelashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes,  Mysteria

Hair: Exile – Stay the Night Mesh Hair, Dark  Browns


Coat: Senzafine – Audra Winter Mesh Coat, Prussian (CWNH gift!)   *Thank you for the awesome blogger  gift!

Jewelry: Stars!Trina Set, Black *Thank you for the awesome blogger  gift!

Tights: Izzie’s –  Sheer Tights Colors, Aqua

Shoes: ArisAris – Multitexture Envy Mesh Boots  *Thank you for the awesome blogger  gift!

Gloves: Old item from inventory

See original post here.

Cold Winter Nights Hunt — Stars!, Style by Kira, and KaTink

I promised you a sneak peek at some of the items you will find during the Cold Winters Night Hunt, and I have three items to show you which will thrill the hunter inside you!

The first prize I want to show you is the exquisite jewelry set from Stars!  Everyone will fall in love with this stunning set adorned with shimmering snowflakes, elegant pearls, gorgeous blue diamonds, and radiant gold accents.  I think you will agree, this creation is a beautiful example of the high quality designs you will see while visiting Stars!

The lovely winter inspired skin shown in the photo is one of the hunt prizes from Style by Kira!  You’ll be excited to hear there are several Elena skins in the hunt prize!  Each of the Elena skins in the prize are exclusive to the hunt, and you are sure to love them all!  While you are hunting, be sure to check out the Elena skins display to complete your collection!


The last prize I want to show you is the enchanting background package from KaTink Poses and More!  The prize consists of ten winter backgrounds for your decorating and photography pleasure!  During your visit, be sure to check out the other fantastic backgrounds, poses, and photography props at KaTink!


I’ll be showing you more fabulous items from the Cold Winters Night Hunt, so check back often!

Happy hunting!

Jewelry:  Stars!  — Cold Winter Nights Hunt prize
Skin:  Style by Kira — Cold Winter Nights Hunt prize (Elena ~ Windy Snow opt. 2)
Background:  KaTink — Cold Winter Nights Hunt prize (Winter Land Pack 2 ~ #12 used in top photo)
Dress:  Redgrave —  Lola Sequin Dress
Shape:  Style by Kira — Elena
Hair:  Tameless Hair — Estelle
Pose:  Glitterati — 82

1 Day to Cold Winter Nights Hunt

Just 1 more day to go!  I’m previewing a CWNH exclusive — an awesome enchanted crystal cave by Zinnia’s.   Three gorgeous jewel toned geodes on a snowy base with some freestanding crystals … this is really a magical winter scene!  The largest geode has a campfire and built in poses for one or two.  In the background is a beautiful winter scene (textures) from KaTink, just one from the pack for CWNH. 


Cold Winter Nights  Hunt – January 15th through February  15th.  A GoofNutz event.

General information, hints, and  photos!

Furnishing &  Props:

Zinnia’s  – Crystal Cave (CWNH gift!)   *Thank  you for the awesome blogger  gift!

KaTink – Winter Wonderland Pack 2 (CWNH gift!)  *Thank  you for the awesome blogger  gift!