Getting into the Swim!

I couldn’t wait to show off some of these amazing items from the SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair.  In fact, the hardest part of it all was choosing what to blog first because we are seriously spoiled for choice with this wonderful event.  The items are top-notch!

Check out this stunning skin from Amacci.  It is called Emma and I am wearing the nutmeg tone.  Paired with this sexy shape from Oceane called Sunny and your avi will look FAB!

BW 1

This smexy bikini is the Hydrangea Bikini from FABOO. that will definitely turn heads at the beach.  The colour and style are very flattering and I love all the little bows to make it look so real.

BW 2

Now, normally I do not glam up in my best jewellery for sitting in the pool, but who could resist when it is this set from Designs by Sebastian?  Not me, that is for sure.  May as well look your best because you never know who will drop by.

And lastly we have these Love Stacked Bracelets from Pure Poison.  They come in quite a few different colour combos and the detailing is wonderful.

BW 3

Non-Event Items:

Hair:  D!va – Flora (Collabor88)

Pool:  LISP Bazaar – Serenity Springs Hot Tub

Preview ala Bluebird’s Song

I have to be honest. Hunting in SL has always made me a little crazy. I think I lack the patience for it. For that reason, it takes a special hunt to make me decide to give it a go. Trust me, even for reluctant hunters like myself, the Cold Winter Nights hunt is one worth the effort! I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the items available, and some of them will be featured in this post (with more to come soon). The hunt begins tomorrow, and to see more about it, check out the hunt blog and the GoofNutz blog. The hunt begins on January 15th and runs through February 15th, so there’s plenty of time to grab all the goodies!

There are a lot of cute buildings available in this hunt. One that I especially love is this frostwoods skybox from vespertine. It’s land impact is only 7. It’s one small room, but I also like that the skybox has real windows to let in light. Skyboxes without windows make me feel claustrophobic (yeah, I’m weird). It’s great for those who have limited prims but want a space to call home! I took the picture below in this little home. I decorated with a mix and match of other hunt gifts. The couch, coffee table and candles are part of a gorgeous set from Cleo Designs. The couch is texture change, too. The birds on the table and the pretty cabinet are part of the Strawberry Box set. My big cozy sweater is from !gO! and also is a hunt offering. I tossed on some Jane fuzzy leggings and my Maitreya slouchy socks to complete the cozy, comfy look. The pose I chose from the sofa is called “o my head.”

Cold Winter Nights Hunt

So, I chose the above pose because it suited the skin I’m wearing from Oceane Body Design. It’s very cute, and called Milla Has A Cold… and yep, it’s also a hunt gift. I wanted to give you a better look, so I took another pic of it to show it off. I’m also showing off this adorable hair from Wasabi Pills called Claire. I am wearing Rouge, but as I usually do with WP hair, it’s tinted a bit. It’s my Hair Today Day 9 (yep, even though Day 8 isn’t blogged yet… I’m such a rebel that way). I’m still playing catch up, but I’ll get there! The stunning eyes I’m wearing are Tundra from IKON’s Eternal series.

HTGT Day 9

So, be sure to check out this hunt when it begins tomorrow. It’s definitely going to be one worth taking the time to complete!