Shades of Winter


Vespertine – Frostwoods Skybox [includes 2 skyboxes (dark & bright) and moon lamp]
The Strawberry Box – Winter Furniture Set [includes: chair, cabinet and bird sculpture]

Bilo – Elysium DB/Freckle Skin [includes: 3 brow colors, with and without freckles]
SYSY’s – Mesh Aquariustop Teal [available in 9 colors]
Exposeur – When You’re Smiling 2 M [5 poses w/ mirrors]

Other credits: *please see store slurl page above*
TuttiFrutti – Ombre Skinny Mesh Jeans Atlantis *Newish* [I keep blogging the various colors there are so many fun color combinations]
Elikatira – Sound Brown 09 *New*
Toki Doki – summer nights cardigan Medium grey
Poetic Colors – Classic Gen4 Driftwood [in a past post I mentioned these eyes are the latest of the classic collection.  I finally got around to a close up….I think I’m going to keep these as my main eye color…just love the brown and grey together]
Maitreya Gold – Bare Foot Tip-Toe


Quiet Time

In the quiet hours of the early morning, before most of the world around me is awake, I like to think things over.  This morning I’m enjoying my time in a CWNH gift skybox from Vespertine.  This comes in a brighter or darker version, and I’m showing you the darker version.  Also included, but not shown, is a darling crescent moon lamp!  The candlelit fireplace is a CWNH gift from Barnesworth Anubis, and the magazine rack & framed masks are part of a complete furnishing set for CWNH from Cleo Designs.  My tufted chair, side table with lamp & frame, rug & pillows, & artwork (Battleground) are all from Prism Furniture for the 4 Walls Hunt!  What incredible gifts! 

My soft & colorful mesh arm warmers are a CWNH gift from Razorblade Jacket.  My mesh skinny jeans are a new release from NS — they are a great fit with a nicely rounded shape!  My plain black mesh tee is from Corvus.  Although you can’t see the detail in the photo, the knit texture is really nice!  My hair with a built in color changing hat is from Ploom


Cold Winter  Nights Hunt – January 15th – February  15th, a GoofNutz  event.

4 Walls Hunt – January 17 – 31st

General information, hints, and  photos!


Vespertine – Frostwoods Skybox Darker (CWNH  gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome blogger gift!

Barnesworth Anubis– Oak Fireplace with Candles (CWNH  gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Cleo Design – Framed Masks & Newspaper Rack (from Complete Living Room Set) (CWNH  gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Prism Furniture – Immerse Yourself Set(4Walls gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!



Shape: my own (Not for  sale.)

Skin: Gala – Airhead, Sundust Dark Pure  1

Eyes: L.  Fauna Skins– CHAI Eyes, Allure Brown  3

Eyelashes: Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes,  Mysteria

Hair: Ploom – Lauren Mesh Hair, Browns


Top: Corvus –  Black Mesh Tee  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Bottoms: NS – Blue Jeans Mesh  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Armwarmers: Razorblade Jacket – Mesh Armwarmers (CWNH  gift!)  *Thank you for the awesome  blogger gift!

Shoes: Muism (Now Euphoria) – Troy Mesh Boots Brown (Not sure of current availability.)

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Hanging with the Girls

So yesterday I had asked Ally and Ada to do a blog picture with me with the newness that was at Coldlogic. So this is how it turned out. Now mind you my computer was absolutely not cooperating yesterday which the girls helped me out by taking the group picture for me and its coming out today because the rest of the pictures I had to take today when my computer wasn’t being a douche! So anyways, y’all keep checking back to Ally’s blog when she’s done her side of her outfit!

Also Cold Winters Hunt has started today so get your hunting on y’all! ❤

Gor LOTD 716

Hanging with the Girls Inside –

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Preview ala Bluebird’s Song

I have to be honest. Hunting in SL has always made me a little crazy. I think I lack the patience for it. For that reason, it takes a special hunt to make me decide to give it a go. Trust me, even for reluctant hunters like myself, the Cold Winter Nights hunt is one worth the effort! I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the items available, and some of them will be featured in this post (with more to come soon). The hunt begins tomorrow, and to see more about it, check out the hunt blog and the GoofNutz blog. The hunt begins on January 15th and runs through February 15th, so there’s plenty of time to grab all the goodies!

There are a lot of cute buildings available in this hunt. One that I especially love is this frostwoods skybox from vespertine. It’s land impact is only 7. It’s one small room, but I also like that the skybox has real windows to let in light. Skyboxes without windows make me feel claustrophobic (yeah, I’m weird). It’s great for those who have limited prims but want a space to call home! I took the picture below in this little home. I decorated with a mix and match of other hunt gifts. The couch, coffee table and candles are part of a gorgeous set from Cleo Designs. The couch is texture change, too. The birds on the table and the pretty cabinet are part of the Strawberry Box set. My big cozy sweater is from !gO! and also is a hunt offering. I tossed on some Jane fuzzy leggings and my Maitreya slouchy socks to complete the cozy, comfy look. The pose I chose from the sofa is called “o my head.”

Cold Winter Nights Hunt

So, I chose the above pose because it suited the skin I’m wearing from Oceane Body Design. It’s very cute, and called Milla Has A Cold… and yep, it’s also a hunt gift. I wanted to give you a better look, so I took another pic of it to show it off. I’m also showing off this adorable hair from Wasabi Pills called Claire. I am wearing Rouge, but as I usually do with WP hair, it’s tinted a bit. It’s my Hair Today Day 9 (yep, even though Day 8 isn’t blogged yet… I’m such a rebel that way). I’m still playing catch up, but I’ll get there! The stunning eyes I’m wearing are Tundra from IKON’s Eternal series.

HTGT Day 9

So, be sure to check out this hunt when it begins tomorrow. It’s definitely going to be one worth taking the time to complete!


Light My Fire

The Cold Winters Night Hunt starts tomorrow! I’m excited about this little hunt. It’s focus is on the coldness and simply life of winter nights. Since it’s January and freezing in most places of the world, the visions of roaring fires and hot chocolate seem to sit pretty on the mind. (Even I am covered in a nice warm blanket while typing this out, hot coffee perched near my side.)

One of my favorite things about hunts is that it flames my furniture addiction, and this hunt is nothing short of furniture for those enthusiasts. Items from POST, [Wayward Muse], The Strawberry Box and many others are gracing this hunt, along with many more creators across the grid. You’ll be able to find everything you need!

For more information regarding this hunt and where to start, please check out the Cold Winters Night Hunt blog and have a look around. You’ll find other posts too about the hunt and make sure you subscribe to the blog and to the Flickr Group to post your pictures!

Check below to what is coming up! Happy Hunting!

CWNH - Post

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